Earth Day

There was a mist at the top of the cliff

Laden with a blissful haze adrift

Nor the bolders could attest to the Sun’s witt

A remorseful air smothered the human grit

From which toil and blood sealed it’s own fate

A whimpering reminder of quant gains manifest

To lure humankind from it’s internal consequest

To harm thyself and wrought its earthly tutelage

A tale of woe succumbing to a ruinous montage

Of humankind’s constant existential parsonage

Natural Disaster

A moment like no other came

And I as I stood face to face with mortality

A humaness that was potent wavered faithfully

Till a wretched day came and nothing availed

I guess it was wanton with a lack of integrity

A piecemeal offering on display however a painful scream unabated remained

The sound of a soul shrieking in dismay

Humanity stood still to watch the firy escapade

With the earths outer skin shed malice was awakened

Reality documented a terrible fate awaiting the mortal tenant.


Death lusciously dribbles 

For a part of me that is renounced 

Poison has entered unannounced 

Till it has ruptured me ten fold

Till the insides sobs quadrupled 

Why did you set a foot out of bound?

Only to be greeted by shadowy abode

Frugally mortified by a black chaperone 

the eyes sunk deep into the unknown 

I lay faced with mortals may-weather

An eatery for hushed tones

My sweet apparitions undone 

Hopes concierge for the atoned

Your hands weak clutch 

Could not dispel 

the warmth from your sweet soul 

But nor could it console 

The mortals bargained martyrdom 


Curvilinear accompanied with levigated lines

Molten poured into vines 

As each circle intertwines with the vernacular

Oscillating with each moribund ligament linear 

As you stand adorning the diamond jubilee 

With the last petal falls as a oddity

For the past that laments a eternity

A sing song for a heartfelt melancholy 

An object hangs demurely 

In a need to rivet the remains of a heritage

that pierces the montage 

Of a swirling syndicate auspiciously 


Penances for each terrible moment that passes
Absent mindedness for ignorant by-statements  

Warranted that wisdom had no piecemeal mantras

Could it have come without Annexation 

Inspire of my protestation 

the ease that follows was an affirmation 

Of the recalcitrant suffering that trespasses 

Of a new beginning that surpasses 

Confounding the first eve of mans existence 

Wisdom has destroyed my peaceful jovialness  


Moments that envelope

no longer feign happiness 

Or galvanise fraudulent sentiments 

Indentured credentials triumphant 

Unlike Penelope’s Odysseus 

Humanism metamorphosis 

Honour without virtue 

Loyalty without certitude 

An ailing cathersis  

A triumphant pessimism

Of riling nepotism 

A sanguine consensus


Impregnated moments

Inhibition concordant 

Premature delight

Death remains ultimate 

Intellect immortalised 

Fallacy metamorphizised  

Barriers barricade

Soul synchronised 

Tyrannised humanity 

Scientific finicky 

Ineptitude personified 

Epicurus normalised