Innate object 

I wish to be a shrub

An innate objects that remains observing 

Maybe then time will stand still 

Motionless, I am about to renounce

The part of me that keeps feeling 

The brain will remain functionless 

Till purpose and humanity are unfalsifiable 



As the tears descend from the heavens And the water nourishes the surface 

With the warm mist sedated 

And the congruence of Living creature elated 

The indenture of my being quenched 

I scantily scan the surface to see the reservoir forming 

I watch as the sky gives it glad tidings 

Of the pessimism that once throttled I am aware of all that life could have been had God not blessed

The merger of water belongs to god alone 

A partchment of my soul

You have taken a parchment of my soul

Screams my inner core

Castrated my heart till its beats are subtly lost

My inner self curtails with contempt 

Hurling away my sanctuary of thought 

My peace is gone and all for what 

The fallacy of what could have been or what has become 

Scathing is my disdain for those that took my piece of mind 

My innocence now remains under quarantine 

Till the day it is set free 

By a man of true honesty


Tonight I make a vow of silence 

To keep the moments to myself 
To not dwell in despair

Tonight I make a vow of silence

To respect your wishes

And not unravel the fallacy of your existence

Tonight I make a vow of silence

To never let my love for you permeate my existence

To hurt in silence

To breath in gulps

To cripple in tears 

But never will I utter a sound 

It is the nights deadly silence to which I have become bound.


I realised that in order to feel I had to bleed

I realised that in order to strive and persevere I had to be suppressed

I realised that in order to find the truth I had to taste my own buttersweet tears

I realised that in the deepest depth of my despair there was a strength unknown and moments that brought with it an enlightened reckoning

The dawn had not set on the dreams I once held

Ask the birds, there chirps told me so.

5:24am 19th June