Curvilinear accompanied with levigated lines

Molten poured into vines 

As each circle intertwines with the vernacular

Oscillating with each moribund ligament linear 

As you stand adorning the diamond jubilee 

With the last petal falls as a oddity

For the past that laments a eternity

A sing song for a heartfelt melancholy 

An object hangs demurely 

In a need to rivet the remains of a heritage

that pierces the montage 

Of a swirling syndicate auspiciously 



Penances for each terrible moment that passes
Absent mindedness for ignorant by-statements  

Warranted that wisdom had no piecemeal mantras

Could it have come without Annexation 

Inspire of my protestation 

the ease that follows was an affirmation 

Of the recalcitrant suffering that trespasses 

Of a new beginning that surpasses 

Confounding the first eve of mans existence 

Wisdom has destroyed my peaceful jovialness